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Beginners Forex Course:

The beginner’s course is designed to give a trader the nuts and bolts of trading. This course is offered for free on our website. It is designed to lay a solid foundation for a novice trader. Some aspects covered include the following:
  • What is Forex?
  • Understanding trading terminology and jargon: Forex lots, order types, Pips, Pipettes etc.
  • How to identify a good broker
  • MT4 platform tutorial: Useful tips and tricks
  • How markets move and why you can make money using regression to the mean
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical analysis: Indicators and Candle Sticks
  • Basic chart analysis
  • Money, Risk and Trade Management
  • Trading Plan and Journal
  • Introduction to Psychology of Successful trading

Forex Mastery Course:

In the membership area we offer a forex mastery course that goes beyond and above what is discussed in the free online version. The goal is to help aspiring traders become proficient traders. In the forex mastery course we teach the following modules after having laid a solid foundation from the beginner’s course.
  • Breakout Strategies that take advantage of order flow imbalance
  • Predictive and Leading Indicators in your day to day trading
  • Introduction to Chaos Theory and how you can profit from the market using different strategies
  • Introduction to Ichimoku Trading
  • Advanced Money Management Strategies
  • Market Geometry Trading Strategies
  • Trading Psychology

Advanced Forex Mastery Course:

The advanced course covers different concepts and systems of trading that are potent in the market place. They are designed to provide the trader with advanced concepts that are easy to apply in the market place.
  • Ichimoku Trading Strategies
  • Price Action Strategies
  • Fractal Trading Strategies
  • Fibonacci Trading Strategies
Forex Mastery Workshops:
The forex mastery workshops are delivered once a month on a Saturday for 8 hours. The Forex Mastery Workshop focuses on different topics listed below:
  • Profiting From The Clouds – 8 hours
  • Trading Fractals – 8 hours
  • Mastering Price And Time Advantage In The Forex Market – 8 hours
  • Risk, Trade And Money Management – 8 hours
Forex Mastery Mentorship:
Trading Mentorship is provided to traders that are trying to find their feet in the market. They have some knowledge of trading and are having issues in certain aspects. The mentorship will typically include an overall assessment of a trader’s needs and will be tailored accordingly.


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