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Mubanga Nsofu

Mubanga is the CEO of learnforextrading.joburg focusing in forex training, mentorship and specialized workshops that are all designed to help traders achieve their goals of becoming profitable in the market. His Forex trading career began in 2010 with more or less the same route as majority of the traders- studying various indicators and price action. However, he began enjoying consistent profits in 2014 after gaining sufficient insight in to different aspects of forex trading which he now teachers to others.

Some of the insights gained included amongst other things was the application of advanced Fibonacci techniques and chaos theory to the financial markets. Chaos theory, allows a trader to perceive the markets with a higher degree of order. This in turn allows a trader to decipher the underlying market structure and thus deduce market movement with a high probability even before price action kicks in. While many traders tout Price action as king, it is actually the market’s mass psychology that ultimately moves the market (cause) and price action is merely the result (effect). Thus, in the true sense of it, the market’s mass psychology is actually the king and a trader needs to be on the correct side of the direction of the mass psychology to profit from the market- this is the power of chaos theory.

Mubanga also understood the power of Fibonacci ratios and how a trader could apply them on both the price and time axis to generate high probability trade setups. In our advanced trading courses and workshops these concepts are broken down for a novice trader to apply in a trading plan.

An ardent reader, writer, teacher, engineer and speaker, with a passion to impact lives, Mubanga believes knowledge, understanding and wisdom are three vital cogs for succeeding in any endeavor, including forex trading. Knowledge is the parts, understanding is the assembling of those parts and wisdom is the product or result of those assembled parts. A baby elephant does not need to do anything else but eat elephant food to grow in to a big elephant. In the same vein, a trader can move from losses to profits by ‘eating’ the correct knowledge about different aspects of trading including trading mentality. Thus, his aim is to teach forex by imparting knowledge, understanding and ultimately wisdom in the financial markets so that traders can become financially free.

Corporate Social Investment

Mubanga also believes in contributing and giving back to society. As a consequence he is keen on uplifting orphans. 10% of the training course fees is given to orphanages in Africa as a way of improving lives of orphans. .


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